Managing visitor access is historically time-consuming, error-prone, costly, and potentially compromising security. The security requirements of infrastructures and large organizations are challenging and growing increasingly. As most of the conventional tasks are being automated, the computer-based visitor management software is replacing visitor log books at organizations or public buildings. It can provide the necessary information and record the incoming and outcoming visitors within the shortest time. The process streamlines the entire visitor registration process and thus provides authentic and integrated data of the visitors.

According to your personal requirement, you can create the most interactive visitor management software that is highly configurable and designed to suit your custom workflows or enterprise needs.

Here are the benefits of using a customized visitor management software for your workplace:

1) Integrated Reporting: Visitor management software includes a feature that allows users or administrators to download real-time reports of employee or visitor information to keep a regular track.

2) Mobile Apps: Mobile apps play a significant role in offering a seamless, integrated employee experience. It can facilitate an employee’s or visitors mobile device to effectively become their digital key to access or reserve office resources.

3) Event Management: Visitor management software can assist with the event reception check-in and check-out process happening in a workplace.

4) Biometric: Biometric visitor management software whether it utilizes fingerprint or iris technology is a perfect fit for workplaces and other highly secured places.

5) Employee Directory: Visitor management software makes the whole work system organized as it keeps your employees and visitor details in sync. 

6) Touchless Check-In with QR Code: COVID-19 compliance touchless visitor management software with QR code scanner is a perfect solution to secure both workplace and employees

7) Face Mask Detection: AI-based high definition cameras can identify the presence of personal face masks which is an essential thing to our safety in day-to-day life.

8) Temperature Screening:  Latest features within visitor management software also include body temperature detection using AI-based infrared sensor cameras without the need for contact which is a perfect solution to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in organizations.

9) Custom Integrations: Visitor management software can also integrate various applications that are already in use within the company’s operational ecosystem.

10) Cloud-Based: Most of the automated visitor management software in a workplace is cloud-based that logs and stores employee and guest information in an easily accessible space thus, reducing clutter, saving space and time.

11) Sends Emergency Alerts: Any incidents can happen in the workplace that may require your building to conduct an immediate evacuation. Visitor management software provides a real-time checklist of everyone who has signed in to your system making it easier to identify people who have safely left the building premises and those who still need to be accounted for.

12) Blacklists & Watchlists: Security is the main concern for every organization as there is a high possibility for anyone to fraud the system or enter the premises to breach the security. But, the use of visitor management software is highly capable of identifying culprits using fingerprint, iris data, etc. which is impossible to forge or steal. Whenever such unwanted visitors try to enter the premise, the system will automatically deny their access and send a notification to the authority.

13) Visitor Pre-registration: Visitor management software facilitates easy hosting for on-site or off-site events by offering guests the ability to pre-register. Guests use the contactless sign-in upon entering the premises, which creates a distinct first impression for the guests or clients and overall, ensures the safety and security of the workplace.


So, when it comes to incorporating visitor management software for your workplace you need to find the best and smart technology solution that meets your organization’s needs and delivers a superior experience. The security, efficiency, and customization of visitor management software enhance the visitor experience, thus protecting your workplace from potential security threats. It also creates a more welcoming experience for everyone who comes to your office including employees, clients, prospects, or even job candidates.

In 2021, more organizations are now making a conscious effort to implement technological innovations that seek to streamline key aspects of running a business as well as improving overall efficiency. So what’s next? Ensure a safe and healthy work environment for your employees, visitors, or clients by choosing the best visitor management software available.

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