There are different types of visitors coming to an office or building, including employees, new hires, contractors, delivery drivers, customers, business partners and other staff. Visitor management is an approach to identify different types of visitors and record their visits to ensure the employees’ and building’s safety. This solution improves visitor experience and reception management and is also a useful tool to streamline your visitor management process with ease and technology.

In general, visitor management combines security, communication, technology, and analytics. A proper visitor management system should be able to integrate into different systems in your building to increase efficiency, security and workplace productivity. Such systems allow small and large companies, hospitals, schools, care homes, and many other organizations to track who enters and leaves, thus maintaining the safety of an establishment. Such systems are very crucial, especially in locations where there are vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly, and the system is an essential first step to secure your building and protecting your employees.

Here are some reasons that prove that visitor management systems are the foundation for security:

1) Access Control Integration: With this feature, your secure visitor management system can work with your access control system, limiting entry only to those you’ve authorized to be in your building or premises for a certain period of time or on a certain day. 

2) Enable visual identification: The visitor management system can take photos of your visitors and their ID proofs for visual identification in the future.

3) Accuracy in Emergencies: The visitor management system can report sudden emergencies like a fire or natural disaster, and also identify who is still in your building, and who has made it out safely. 

4) Send instant security alerts: This software system can trigger automatic notifications to the concerned authorities when an unwanted visitor checks in or fails the safety pre-screening protocol.

5) Watch-List Referencing: Customized visitor management system also has the option to check watch lists after a visitor’s government-issued ID is scanned. This will be cross-referenced to check an individual’s criminal record, thus adding another layer of safety and security.

6) Accurate Reporting: Another major advantage of a visitor management system is the centralized data collection of the employee, visitor, clients, etc. that can be accessed from anywhere and can also generate reports from the collected data through comprehensive analytics, which further assists the staff in streamlining their work.

7) Maintain Confidentiality: Along with the safety of the building, it is also important to maintain the confidentiality of your visitors’ privacy. The visitor management system captures data and all the information is stored in the visitor software database, secured by your administrator.

8) Regulatory Compliance: For many companies, that handle or develop sensitive data or technology have specific visitor protocols. So a prompt, visitor management system can record the data of people who are given access to a sensitive area.

9) Touchless Check-ins: Customized visitor management software has the feature of sending QR codes via email in advance to visitors to make an easy touch-less check-in experience.

10) Accurate Time-tracing: Visitors management system dashboard gives a complete overview of the exact time of entry and exit for both employees & visitors along with other details like visitor’s name, phone number, email address, etc.


Situations, rules, and regulations may change, but being on the more secure end of visitor management is an essential factor for every business. Most of the organizations are questioning how they can implement best practices, increase workplace security and devise a comprehensive on-site operations strategy. So, if you’ve already moved on to a visitor management system, make sure it is configured and comes with features to support all your security requirements.

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