Doing everything digitally means learning new techniques or protocols. Going paperless is a great way to increase transparency in your business’s daily operations. Believe it or not, going paperless sign-in is easier than you think. What used to be more time-consuming and expensive, has now become a valid option to actually start saving time, money, and the environment.

Not only is the dependence on paper is bad for the environment, but it also makes it hard to track down specific documents when you need to access them the most. Luckily, a variety of factors of digitalization has come, making the paperless sign-in a reality. Technologies relating to e-signatures, visitor management, etc. are making this easily possible.

Let’s dive into the 5 reasons why switching to paperless sign-in will help get you over the line:

1) Saves time of Admins with streamlined experience: In the traditional systems, every office had one or more admins to deal with long queues at the time of managing the sign-in process. But situations have changed with automated paperless sign-in processes like visitor management systems.

2) Data security: Customers are always concerned about their privacy and data protection, which requires organizations to implement proper data security procedures beyond paper shredders and locked filing cabinets. Many of today’s cloud-based accounting and management systems offer high-level data security to protect information.

3) Environmental friendliness: Going green and adopting the paperless sign-in is more than just reducing paper production. A paperless environment not only reduces the consumption of paper but it means less energy consumption. The cost and energy consumption of office supplies like printers, faxes, and copiers also decreases.

4) Impressive First Impression: It takes just about three seconds, for someone to evaluate you and your surroundings. In this short time, the other person forms an opinion about you and your organization based on the appearance and integration of modern technology. The use of such digitized systems can give the visitor a positive first impression and also helps in attracting the attention of other potential customers, who may think more highly and professionally about your business.

5) Reduced Waiting Times: With a paperless sign-in process, organizations can effectively reduce visitor waiting times. Providing your facility or organization a fully digital check-in check-out solution at the reception will not only reduce your visitors’ wait time but also completely redefine and optimize your entire facility. 

Final Thoughts:

While your natural instinct might say to grab a pen and piece of paper, turning to paperless sign-in options can quickly become the best decision for your company.  And the reasons for the evolution are obvious- better security, ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and a lot more. With an ever-growing demand for highly advanced digital management systems, we continue to see tremendous growth in the use of highly advanced systems for sign-in, access control & better security.

Looking to transform your front-desk operations? SkyVisitor is a scalable, smart, and safe software solution that incorporates easy sign-in for the modern workplace. We promise to take you from a paper visitor book to a streamlined contactless and paperless sign-in process that is fully customizable and secure for any industry.

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