Visitor Management software is basically scalable solutions that can work within the value for organizations of all sizes. Whether it’s a visitor management system for schools, hospitals, industries, corporates, or small businesses, the goal is the same: process employees or any other visitors securely and efficiently, keeping workplace safety the main goal.

A visitor could be anyone from an online food delivery person to a bigwig investor or the family or friends of employees. Therefore, the use of visitor management to its fullest potential is exactly the best thing to track the list of visitors at your office:

Now here’s the comprehensive list of visitors who should be tracked while entering an office premises:

1) Job candidates: Having a visitor management system is essential to notify employees who are involved with the job interview process or appointment process. And later the data collected in the system can be used by the HR team to check how early candidates arrived for their appointments, or to notify candidates regarding future job interviews.

2) Contractor Visits: Managing your contractors, supplier information, etc. can be time-consuming with a manual system. Using visitor management software, take the hassle out of contractor management with proper check-in check-out, attendance tracking, remote locations and construction sites, hazard notice compliance, and induction management across one or multiple sites.

3) Employee Management: Employee management software is something every organization needs to manage employee information, to drive more value across the enterprise. A simple, compliant, and the intuitive software lets you manage check-in & check-out, performance management, leave management, remote working, timesheet, and attendance, notify emergencies, and much more.

4) Business Meetings: Now you don’t have to shuffle between spreadsheets, email, and other tools to keep your client meetings on course. Track and manage everything using visitor management software. Visitors can pre-register before they arrive so that when they do, they can simply approve the information instead of doing it on the spot.

5) Family & Friends: When we say visitors, it can be even personal visits by friends or family of employees, who visit the office. Such visits should be tracked to check the timings and how many visit the office daily.

6) Deliveries: Once your office gets bigger with a lot of different people, handling package delivery people or couriers becomes quite clunky. Whether it’s the daily office deliveries like water coolers, snacks for vending machines or online food, or anything else, such data can help you guide official policy changes, limiting employees’ ability to ship personal things to the office address.

The Bottom Line

Maybe your organization hasn’t yet experienced any kind of incidents due to an outdated visitor management system. Regardless, visitor management software is definitely a safety and compliance requirement for any organization. Remember, without it, your business is left open to threats.

Want to add visitor management software to protect your business more effectively?

Sky Visitor is an easy-to-use and versatile visitor management solution. It delivers customization and incredible flexibility to meet specific requirements of how organizations track their visitors, along with incorporating health and safety, security, brand identity, and privacy.

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