We all have experienced the warm welcome of a receptionist  with a gentle smile while walking into an office, hotel, stores, or even restaurants. Live receptionists are the biggest perk and they can ease the tension of a visitor by answering all queries and can guide you to reach where you want to go within the premises.  But hiring a live receptionist also comes with many drawbacks and it is also not that easy to find one in this COVID-19 era. So, here comes the unstaffed reception area to the rescue- it is a really good option to look into, especially in this current situation that might help visitors check-in without any trouble. Today in this article, we- Skyvisitor – a top visitor management system provider is breaking out the top reasons  for you to decide to shift to this brand new technology and skip the presence of human intervention in your office reception. 

COVID- 19 pandemic has brought a new normal and has created the biggest complications in the visitor check-in process. Due to this, almost every organizations have put forth the receptionist and the front desk administrator as a gatekeeper to perform temperature checks, collect details about the visitors’ travel history and even ask for any symptoms related to COVID-19  which needs to be cautious and creates chaos if  something goes wrong, unfortunately.  Therefore, to keep the situation under control, the idea of Unstaffed Reception Areas are becoming a trend and is arising a huge demand among organizations. With this new technology, managing a visitor can be conducted  remotely and accurately just like live reception management, and can be fully safer and will be more comfortable.

Receptionists are the persons who often guide and handle the visitors at a highly congested office. They also handle many other tasks inside an organization right from human resources tasks to office management. This often leads to loss of focus and super frustrating to the staff which in  overall affects the visitor experience. But, with visitor management software it is easy to greet visitors and handle the traffic visiting the premises and cut off the need of a live person in the lobby which makes your organization a better working environment for all. 

Having visitor management software will help you to reduce the space in the reception area that is congested by the front desk which usually takes up a lot of space. This ensures that you have more usable office space which lets you repurpose the room entirely to create something creative and innovative.

Adapting to Unstaffed Reception Areas rather than hiring a live receptionist can save a lot on paying for staff and can add a lot of value to an organization. Also, setting up the digital visitor management system is less expensive than hiring and giving training to a person unnecessarily and make your work environment smart.

To sum up

With all these advantages it is very clear that the visitor management system can do a lot more than this if it is implemented in an organization.  After all, it is a very innovative solution which is very flexible and scalable and ofcourse cost-saving and is more efficient. If you want to learn more about the visitor management system and about the kind of custom needs you want,  check Skyvisitor’s – top visitor management system for your office. We make it super easy for building a custom made visitor management solution that uses the most intelligent scanning technology to take your organization to the next level. Click here to visit us

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