Do you ever experience trouble in keeping visitor monitoring sheets for tracking the visitor’s entry? In today’s busy world, business continuity and success are attained by how you manage the visitors to your company. It is quite essential to focus on safety and security and couple them with top-notch attentiveness and customer service. A unique way to fulfill this is by identifying and implementing the best and most-effective visitor management system for your company.

What is visitor management?

Visitor management is a bunch of processes, all combined and implemented to welcome the guest daily and also to keep track of them. It reduces the usage of the paper logbook and the hassle of compiling and keeping it in drawers.

A visitor management system is a type of technology used to manage the visitors or the guest for accessibility, safety, and security. The visitor management system has a wide range of features that can be chosen by the organization according to their needs. Does it complex to choose the best suitable visitor management system for your company? 

Safetynet Solutions is here to help you to find the right system among the many which have a different level of technology, customization, and support. Safetynet Solutions is recognized as the best Visitor Management Software in the UK in the industry.

Safetynet Solutions lets you manage your visitors, pre-registering visits, log arrivals, and departures effectively. We will help you to find the right visitor management system for your company.

Here Is a List of 7 Major Things a Visitor Management System Do for You:

Instant Security Alerts:

A sturdy visitor management system while tracking the visitor’s entry will provide building security and employee safety. The visitor management system at the reception desk initiates an alert to get the information on special requests and security problems. When a VIP visitor enters, an alert will be flagged spontaneously. 

Transferable Check-In Locations:

The information about the visitor’s check-in locations can be transferred from one location to another. This feature helps in providing building security and employee safety and also helps to keep an eye on doubtful visitor entering the premises. Since the location details are transferable, anyone belonging to the company from anywhere can have an overlook of the company’s visitor’s management records.

Scanning and Photo Capture:

One of the significant features of the visitor management system is scanning of visitor’s ID card and capturing a digital photo of the visitor. While entering the details of the visitor, it scans any form of identification card that the visitor may have at present and also captures a digital photo picture of the visitor. This feature helps to store every visitor identification for simplifying any future visits as well as creating an audit trail for future alerts.

Spontaneous Email Notification:

An automatic email notification will be provided to the security desk when an anonymous person attempts to enter your building. This feature helps you to be alert all time. This automatic email notification will streamline communication between you and your clients. It redirects messages to administrative assistants or others for further assistance.


The reporting feature of the visitor management system will provide the exact duration of any visitors staying in your building. This feature will allow you to know whether any visitor is visiting beyond the scheduled time. It also helps to determine how frequently a visitor visits and who they visit.

Package Tracking:

The package tracking feature of the visitor management system helps to track the inbound deliveries. It will provide exact details on when and from where the package was received.

Pre-registration and Resource Management:

Sometimes two or more groups arrange for a meeting at the same time in the same venue, which leads to confusion and stress among the employees. The visitor management system has a pre-booking feature that helps the team to plan their meetings accordingly. This feature also encourages visitors to pre-register their visit that saves both the visitors’ and your time.

Concentrating on the seven points listed above will ensure that you are choosing the best suitable visitor management system for your company. To install the best visitor management software available in the UK, call us, and we are always available for you to help with our service. 

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