Do you know why people show interest in using the visitor management system? Gone are the days, keeping a logbook to track the entry of visitors. People found the usage of log books needs too much effort to track every visitor’s entry and also when it comes to inspecting the records in the future. As the world is progressing faster towards new technologies and developments, people are showing interest in next-gen technologies. Nowadays, business success and business continuity have a significant impact on how you manage the visitors of your company.

It is quite necessary to focus on the safety and security of your company and couple those with attentiveness and customer service. That’s the reasob why many companies have started to prefer digital visitor management systems over outdated logbooks. A unique way to fulfill this is by identifying and implementing the best and most-effective visitor management system for your company.

What Is Visitor Management?

Visitor management is a collection of processes, all coupled together and implemented to welcome the guests everyday and also to keep track of them often. It helps in reducing the usage of the paper logbook and the hassle of compiling and storing it in drawers.

A visitor management system is a type of software used to handle the visitors or the guest by ensuring their convenience, safety, and security. The visitor management system has a wide range of features that can be chosen according to your business needs. Are you confused about how to select the best suitable visitor management system for your company?

Safetynet Solutions Ltd. is here to help you find the right system among the many that runs a different level of technology, customization, and support. Safetynet Solutions Ltd. is recognized as one of the best companies in the UK by industry leaders for its Visitor Management Software.

Visitor Management Software of Safetynet Solutions Ltd. will let you manage your visitors by pre-registering visits, logging arrivals, and departures effectively. Our experts are here to help you to find the right visitor management system for your company.

Here are a Bundle of Things That a Visitor Management System Can Do for You:

On-the-Spot Security Alerts:

A sturdy visitor management system will offer building security and employee safety while tracking the visitor’s entry. The visitor management system at the reception desk initiates an alert to get the data on special requests and security problems. When a VIP visitor enters, it will flag an alert automaticaly without a need for an external trigger.

Portable Check-In Locations:

The data of the visitor’s check-in locations can be recorded and transferred from one place to another. This feature will enhance the building security and employee safety and also helps to keep an eye on doubtful visitors entering the premises. Since the location details are portable, anyone belonging to the company security department from anywhere can have a look at the company’s visitor management records.

Scanning and Photo Capture:

Scanning of visitor’s ID card and capturing a digital photo of the visitor is one of the notable features of the visitor management system. While entering the details of the visitor, it scans any form of identification card that the visitor may have at the time of their visit and also captures a digital photo picture of the visitor. This feature will help in storing every visitor identity for the purpose of simplifying the process during any future visits as well as for creating an audit trail for future alerts.

Automatic Email Notification:

An automated email notification will be send immediately to the security desk when an anonymous person attempts to enter the building. This automatic email notification will streamline the communication between you and your client’s department staff. It redirects messages to administrative assistants or others for further assistance.


The reporting feature will provide you with the exact duration of any visitors staying in the building. It will allow you to know whether any visitor is lingering beyond the stipulated time. It also helps to determine how frequently a visitor is visiting your premise and whom they meet with.

Tracking of the Package:

The package tracking feature of the visitor management system will help you to track the inbound deliveries. It will provide exact details on when and from where the package has been received.

Pre-registration and Resource Management:

The visitor management system has a pre-booking feature that helps employees to plan their meetings accordingly. This feature also encourages visitors to pre-register their visits that will save both the visitor’s and your time.

Concentrating on the above-listed points will ensure that you are choosing the best suitable visitor management system for your company. To install the best visitor management software available in the UK, please phone call us, and we are always available for you to help you with our exceptional service.

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