Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires a well-rounded physical fitness routine. Yet we often neglect to work out the muscles people see the most, our faces. Just like the rest of our body, there are about 57 muscles in the face and neck area, which requires regular exercise to stay fit & toned. In addition, regular facial exercises improve blood flow, supplying your skin cells with vital nutrients, which in turn promotes cell regeneration and prevents wrinkles.

To achieve the highest level of results, we recommend the following facial exercises that can make a difference:

1) Brow Raiser:

The brow raiser exercise keeps your eyebrows in place and helps your eyebrows stand out. Start by doing the following:

2) Smoothing cheek lines:

To smooth cheek lines and enhance sagging skin,

3) Relax Forehead:

One of the first places where lines and wrinkles appear is on your forehead. With this exercise, you can smooth out those wrinkles naturally as well as reduce headaches and stress.

Start the exercise by:

4) Neck stretches:

Stretching and massaging your neck can help relieve the tension. Gently pull it towards your shoulder to deepen the stretch and repeat the process on the other side.

5) Jaw-tightening exercise:

As we age, our jawlines tend to sag, and constantly looking at your phone or tablet can contribute to this. Follow these steps to tighten your jawline:


Several studies have found that facial exercises can reverse signs of aging. Workouts aren’t harmful and might even be beneficial; it is just that a little effort is all that is needed.

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