Chances are less if you haven’t heard of HydraFacial… And if you haven’t come across it, you would have probably seen in many Instagram stories about the magic it had made in user’s face. HydraFacial is a non-invasive skin treatment with a package of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration antioxidant protection to remove dead cells and other impurities. HydraFacial is performed with a small suction device to deliver an instant brightness by oily congested pores, hyper-pigmentation and fine lines. HydraFacial is a fast procedure which takes only 30 minutes of time in a single sitting with instant noticeable results and no recovery time. Recent survey reveals that HydraFacial is performed every 15 seconds in the world. This essentially accounts about two million treatments for a year. What makes HydraFacial special to be loved and is most requested skincare treatment in Mount Waverley? Scroll down to find out why!

Hydra Facial - Singhania Skin Clinic

Effective on all skin types:

Most of the skincare treatments are formulated to be used on certain skin types almost anyone and everyone. Candidates for HydraFacial can be fair, olive tone or dark-complexioned We have heard lots of stories on some treatments offering jarring effects on individuals with sensitive skin whereas, HydraFacial is a gentle procedure and is a suitable for all skin types.

Treats several skin conditions:

HydraFacial can be used to treat many skin conditions which including fine lines, dark spots, sun damages, clogged pores and acne scars, thus by boosting collagen production, balancing skin tone and enhancing skin elasticity.

Facial with multiple benefits:

HydraFacial uses a vacuum-based cyclone abrasive tip which effectively simulates blood and lymphatic flow infusing a healthy underlying skin infusing key ingredients, antioxidants and other active serums formulated for all skin types.

Customizable facial treatment:

HydraFacial treatment can be customized to focus on a person’s priority for every unique skin needs. The tool’s suction power can be adjusted to tackle out the problems in your delicate facial skin like under eyes. Moreover, the serums used in HydraFacial treatment can be adjusted to address different skin types.

Fast, Pleasant with Zero downtime:

HydraFacial takes only about 30 minutes to complete from the start of the procedure. Improvements in skin texture and tone can be noticed immediately after the HydraFacial treatment. Some skincare treatments will produce results after several days of waiting with inflammations and redness along. But, in HydraFacial you no need to go hiding for redness and inflammations as you can resume your normal day activities and wear makeup right away. And this is a reason that many people schedule HydraFacial treatment right before a special event for a top-notch look.

Results are long-lasting:

Unlike other facial treatments, HydraFacial will lasts up to week. If you moisturize your skin regularly after HydraFacial, the effect of this skincare treatment will last up to a month. And, this is why candidates of HydraFacial treatment are recommended to schedule their monthly treatments to improve the overall skin health and to produce more collagen.

Get your HydraFacial Skincare treatment today in Melbourne! At Skin & Light in Melbourne, we offer HydraFacial which uses sonic waves to exfoliate dead skin cells and ultrasonic frequency to improve overall skin health. Finally, a gentle facial massage will be offered by our experienced    skincare professionals.

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