Laser projector sounds awesome, but they aren’t that different from traditional projectors in most ways. In every projector, light is created, and that light is then manipulated to create an image on the screen. All that changes with laser projectors is the source of light.

Besides offering superior picture quality, lasers last longer, are less fragile, and turn on and off almost instantly. These advantages will likely make lasers the forthcoming front projection technology.

If you are planning to buy laser projector, then here’s a few reasons to look into why laser projector is better than buying a TV:

1) Screen Size:

With a projector in your home, you get the same kind of picture you will see in a movie theater. The experience of watching a movie at home, on a 100″ or larger screen, with full surround sound is as thrilling as seeing a movie in a theater. It’s not even possible for the biggest TV to compete with the experience of watching a movie on a projector screen with a bright projector picture. Now, projectors with a picture size of 120 inches or 10 feet are available at affordable prices starting from about $500.

2) Installation:

The installation of a TV is a professional job that requires the help of installation technicians. Televisions are even heavy and cannot be handled by just one person. On the other hand, projectors are easy to install. The projector is very small and light, and can easily be tucked away in a cupboard. Installation of the screen is simple and it can even be mounted on walls.

3) Convenience:

Televisions cannot be moved once they are installed. A portable projector can be moved from room to room or outdoors, or even taken to a friend’s house. It is not essential to have a screen for a projector, because a picture can be seen on a wall, and the picture will be good if the wall is smooth and free of fixtures.

4) Improved Picture Quality:

One more benefit of projectors is the excellent picture quality they offer. While some flat screens only deliver basic picture quality, a good projector stands head and shoulders above them. Moreover, traditional televisions may also make it difficult to view the picture from various angles. But, using a projector and certain types of screen surfaces, you can get a 180 degree viewing angle. Projectors have impressive resolution when paired with a high definition screen, so the picture quality does not suffer.

5) Eye Comfort:

The benefit of a laser projector is two-fold as far as your eye comfort is concerned. Due to the low brightness of the projector screen and its massive size, the projector picture fills a significant part of the total angle of vision of the human eye, causing less eye strain.

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