5 Tips for Artificial Grass Care and Maintenance

Artificial grass has increasingly become common for both personal and commercial uses. In particular, artificial grass as the name defines is fake grass made up of synthetic fibers that give you that natural finish of real grass.

Most commonly, the application of artificial grass is seen on sports fields & apart from that, it is also used in houses, public spaces, parks, and even in organizations for landscaping. The main reason for such wide use of artificial turf is definitely its easy maintenance, enhanced durability, minimization of injury potential, and added enjoyment.

The need to maintaining an artificial turf is fundamental for several reasons. So, to make things easier, here are a few maintenance tips to make your lawn look the best year-round:

1) Routine Brushing: General inspection and routine brushing keep the surface free from leaves, paper, plastics, etc. Routine brushing not only keeps your lawn clean but, simultaneously keeps impregnated layer uniform in its distribution, ensures the turf stays erect, maximizes aesthetic appeal, and increases the turf life expectancy.

2) Stain Removal:  Artificial grasses are generally made with the most stain-resistant synthetic fibers. Therefore, stains seen on your turf surface are not true stains but residues of foreign particles which need to be cleaned thoroughly. Most of such stains can be removed with soap and water, mild household detergent, or even plain water. 

3) Field Rejuvenation: Maybe twice in a year, perform a field rejuvenation which is a deep cleaning of your turf’s infill. As years pass by, the accumulation of foreign contaminants, debris, pet waste, or any other unwanted contaminant is inevitable, especially deep within the infill layer. Even natural disasters like flooding, heavy rain, dust storms, may introduce your artificial grass area to extreme levels of contamination. Therefore, field rejuvenation services can be performed using specialized types of equipment.

4) Winter Maintenance: In many countries, snowfall is inevitable throughout the winter. So, ideally, mechanical snow clearing from your lawn is very important. But, when you perform this, never clear the snow completely, as a thin layer of snow is great to protect the upper surface of the synthetic grass from freezing over.

5) Right Equipment: Using the best artificial grass maintenance equipment will make the task of keeping your turf look fresh, green, pristine, & clean an easy one. Some handy tools to maintain your artificial grass lawn are leaf rake, push broom, electric leaf blower, power brush, hose, etc.

Closing Thoughts:

The ultimate goal of knowing all these care & maintenance tips is to keep your artificial grass the best. Over the longer term, a good maintenance regimen can certainly increase the longevity of your artificial grass and get the most enjoyment out of your investment.

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