Many people are eager to get out into the garden to enjoy private green spaces whenever possible. However, if the garden looks overgrown, it can soon turn into an unwelcoming one. 

Take the strain out of maintaining your lawn by installing an artificial grass garden and give yourself a longer time to relax.

There are plenty of artificial grass garden designs to suit your ideas. Making your garden look nice will be either intensive or simple depending on what you wish. Your only restrictions are going to be time and money. 

However, before diving into an entire garden redesign, make a rough sketch of what you’d like your garden to look like when it is completed. This will offer you a plan of how much you would need to alter, about the materials required, and also about the budgeting process.

If you want to redesign your garden but are looking for inspiring ideas, we have a selection of artificial grass garden design ideas that will be perfect for your space.

Open Green Space to Relax

Your garden doesn’t need to be full of blooms to look good. Having an open green space of artificial grass brings a lively nature to your garden while also avoiding the chances of patchy areas, unsightly weeds, and muddy puddles. 

Additionally, replacing your lawn with artificial grass means lesser time for trimming, or maintaining and longer time enjoying your outdoor garden area. 

Similarly, choosing a classic but stunning open green space is ideal for smaller or square-shaped gardens.

Colorful Mesh

If a garden full of colorful flowers is what you’d love, then build in or leave some space for flower beds that can be filled with an array of beautiful blooms. High flower beds are typically good at dividing the open area and adding a bit more dimension to your final décor. 

Moreover, when fixing flower beds to border areas, make sure to leave at least a meter between the edges of the fake lawn and also at the end of the bed. This allows for a collection of plants to grow within the flower bed, making it more eye-catching.

Special Arrangements

Giving your garden a fabricated feature can instantly transform its overall look. This might be as simple as a little fire pit to get together, or can be an expansive garden pond. 

Not only an amazing area to chat with your garden guests, but water features also encourage a tranquil, relaxing environment. Conversely, firepits allow you to spend a longer call in the garden and are great for entertaining.

Similarly, even the smallest gardens can enjoy a stand-out feature. Small gardens with artificial grass can encompass these ideas through modesty but impressing additions such as small fountains, freestanding waterfalls, or a chiminea to bring your garden to life.

Benefits of an Artificial Grass Garden

One of the biggest renovations you can do for your garden is replacing real grass with an artificial lawn. Placing artificial grass is not a difficult task, but depends on the garden size and surface you are replacing.

There’s no worry about high foot traffic as artificial turf won’t wear down with heavy use, unlike real grass. 

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