Every organization face difficulties in maintaining the records of people who enter and exit their premises. With the pandemic in action companies started to give more importance to maintain visitor log for safety concerns. By installing a visitor management system at their office one can simplify the recording process. However a modern visitor management system can perform various activities in addition to creating visitor log.

Printer integration

A modern system has the ability to print identity cards for the visitors on the spot without any delay. The information from the visitor log is directly feed into the printer for printing ID Cards. You can also generate and print barcodes in the ID Cards for more convenience.

If you already has an outdated electronic management system, you can also upgrade it using a development kit and integrate it using printer to avail the modern benefits.

Best use of photos and barcodes

Some organizations require just the name and reason of visit in their visitor badge. But for high security areas companies prefer some more additional features like photo and barcodes for tracking the visitors more effectively. A modern system captures the visitor’s image using its integrated camera and print the image in the pre-designed template installed in it.

For companies considering ID Cards as an outdated practice, modern system provides barcode tags as an alternative solution which is much smaller than the conventional ID Cards. Security person can scan the barcode tags attached to the visitor and verify their identity.

Collaborate with other systems

You can automatically export the visitor’s data to your centralized database or other management systems based on your need using modern visitor management system. This avoids manual transfer of data and reduces human error. It can also connect to criminal records and verify the genuineness of the visitors at their entry.


During the period of organizing an event, there are more chances to get over-crowd at the reception area on the starting of event. This is mainly due to the time taken by the visitor to enter their details in the visitor management system. We can easily store the details of the visitors called for the event in the modern visitor management system. When the visitor approaches the modern system he can avail his ID Card or barcode tag just by providing his/her mobile number or e-mail ID. This reduces the queue and waiting time of the visitor to engage with the event.

Watch list

These are the collection of people who you want to pay special attention or the people who are barred from entering into the office. Whenever the person sign in it alerts your staffs about their presence and helps to take the appropriate action.

Upgrade to a modern systemConventional visitor management systems are cheap. But they are outdated and has only limited facilities. Modern visitor management system provides better features and safety for both your visitors and administrators. SkyVisitor is a modern visitor management system that provides enhanced safety, convenient and error free visitor management solution at affordable pricing. To get our free brochure contact us today.

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