Hand hygiene is an important part of our life since the widespread COVID-19 pandemic. It’s hard to count the number of times we use our hands to touch our eyes, nose, etc.

Good hygiene is important for a good and healthy life. It is not only important for our own health but, also for the people who are around us.

Being hygienic involves keeping our head, hands, and body clean to prevent any viral or bacterial infection. Always try to maintain your personal hygiene.

Using hand sanitizer is the perfect solution for cleaning your hands because it can prevent contagious diseases spread through touching.

Benefits of hand hygiene

Public places may be contaminated with germs. By touching them there is a high chance of infection and it may make you sick. Dirty hands can cause diarrheal problems and mouth infections. Hence, cleaning your hands often with sanitizer will prevent these infections. 

Ways to clean your hand

Washing your hands with soap and water is an effective way of protection from germs but, this will not kill the germs present in your hands. Using hand sanitizer after washing hands is the best practice to kill those germs.

Consider a situation like when you are in a public place or when traveling somewhere to a place with no availability of soap and water. In this situation carrying a sanitizer will safeguard you from dirt and germs.

What is a hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is an alcoholic substance, that can be in the form of liquid, foam, or gel. Applying this in our hands kills pathogens (microorganisms). It is mainly made up of alcohol- ethanol. This alcohol will help to break the proteins in the pathogen and breaks them into pieces.

Choose the correct hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer with 60- 95% alcohol is the one you have to choose. Many flavored sanitizers are now available in the market. Choose the one which best suits you. Because you have to apply it regularly and if you are not liking the smell, it may become unusable.

How to use it?

Apply 2-3 drops of sanitizer on one palm and rub with both palms to spread it all over your palms. Rub until it is dry. When eating makes sure to wash off the sanitizer present in your hands. Because sanitizer is not safe to consume. Use sanitizer dispenser as it will avoid multiple touching.

Places where you must sanitize your hands

A beautiful workplace creates a better level of comfort for the employees. At workplaces, while shaking hands with each other the transmission of germs and bacteria is most likely causable. And therefore, the use of hand sanitizer plays a crucial role in your measures for hand hygiene.

When you are going on a picnic or camping, take the sanitizer with you. Because you may be open to germs and dirt when you are outside. Since it is portable and easy to use you can carry it everywhere with you.

Kids are more susceptible to infections like cold and cough which causes hazardous diseases like flu and hence is unsafe. Kids unintentionally touch many unclean things which may carry germs and bacteria. Hence, the right-hand hygiene practice will keep your child far away from most serious diseases. Keeping a hand sanitizer in your child’s bag will help them to stay healthy. What’s more, many kids think instant hand sanitizers are pleasurable and fun to use.

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