A visitor management system has the ability to make a huge difference in the way a customer or a client perceives the company’s image and how it functions. From a visitor’s perspective, the check-in software bestows an overall professional appearance. For the company, the system is a secure barricade between the outside world and the office environment.

How does a visitor management system work?

With the help of a visitor management software, hosts can pre-register guests using the desktop dashboard. This way, a visitor won’t have to wait upon checking-in because all the information has been automatically uploaded previously.

The visitor uses the iPad to sign in.  Then, the software takes a photograph of the visitor which is printed onto a badge, so all employees have proof that the person is permitted inside the premises. At the same time, the employee who had scheduled a meeting with this visitor is alerted of their arrival by either an email or over a text notification.

Benefits of a visitor management system

Whether your visitor is a new client or a one-time visitor, their first impression about the company always matters for your company’s reputation. A futuristic visitor management system helps keep everyone safe, presents your business in a tech-savvy light, and impresses visitors. This is the positive first impression you want people to get when they step inside your company.

When a visitor’s data is tracked digitally, front office staffs are free to do other tasks. A self-check-in system allows a receptionist to focus on activities with higher priority. This process will be quick and time-saving.

Say bye to paper logs and welcome digital logs. A visitor management system serves as a tool for increasing your company’s reputation. It helps share information digitally with a person responsible for tracking employee visitor appointments and contract workers’ attendance. These data will be helpful for the company to optimize when and where extra staff will be needed.

The check-out process

One important visitor management feature that is often unmaintained is the checkout process. Just as all visitors are required to be checked in advance to enter into a premise, they should also be required to check out before they leave. Keeping track of when a visitor leaves is also as important as knowing when they arrive for some reason.

If there is an emergency that requires a clearance, there is no way of knowing who may still be inside if you do not require visitors to check out.

Without a mandatory checkout procedure, your company is abandoning control over the visitors you intended to monitor. Compulsory check out as a preventative way ensures that you know where and for how long people are staying in the building.

A primary principle of all visitor management systems is ensuring visitor check out to get the knowledge of who is in your building at a point of time.

Visitor management system is the foundation of a genuinely effective workplace security strategy. To protect employees and company resources, many organizations have installed visitor management systems into their overall security system. A digital visitor management system that features visitors check in, and check out, scanning their IDs, and issuing badges to identify authorized visitors on company property have become security leverage designed to prevent outside threats from gaining access.

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