2021 is around the corner! Now that we are about to start a new year, this is the right time to evaluate the tools you have been using to improve your productivity. Contract management is one of the most important tools that you should consider evaluating at first. Since any business needs to manage all stages of contracts without any hassle. So, here we are Skyvisitor- top contract management software provider shared a list of 7 major must-have features you should consider including inside your business in 2021. 

Easy to Use Dashboard with a central contract repository

An easy to understand dashboard is a key to effective contract management software. It helps to get an idea of the project status within a glance and shows the overview of the active contracts, deadlines, and the total value of the contract. By bringing everything all together in a central contract repository all the information can be accessed without wasting time searching the mailboxes. In this way, the user can easily understand the workflow and plan their work schedule more flexible according to the schedule.

Easy Document Storage and Organization

Contract managing is all about managing multiple contracts and documents in one place. Since you will have to deal with tons of documents manually, it might be a tedious and often annoying task. But, with contract management, the user can organize and store all the necessary documents of the contracts and can easily look into it whenever needed. 

Push notification alert

When you’re into contract management, it is very important to follow the dates and deadlines of the contracts and strictly adhere to the loop. But with an automated alert feature in your CMS, you will be regularly notified about the contract dates and be fully aware of the project status.

Easy to find search and filter 

As I said earlier, dealing with hundreds to thousands of documents at a single time leads to unnecessary headaches if it’s not sorted in an order. But, with CMS search functionality, you can easily find the file that you’re looking for without scrolling through bundles of files and save time as well as effort.

Easy to use a document template

As you’re into contract management you might have to create various types of documents in an instant if needed. Building a document right from scratch requires time and effort. But, if you pre-built document templates at your CMS, it is easy for you to create one without spending more time and can avoid unnecessary errors occurs in documents.


Modern Contract management is a technical advancement that helps to reduce a lot of stress in contract management by a considerable amount of time-consuming manual methods. And as the New Year begins, switching to CMS provides a lot of benefits and takes your business to the next level in 2021. If you’re now looking for a customized contract management software and want to learn more about digital contract management software contact Skyvisitor’s – top contract management system in your office. We make it super easy for building a custom-made contract management solution with multiple features to take your organization to the next level. Click here to visit us and Get in touch with us today and tell us what you need. Request a demo now. 

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