Why Should You Get A Facial Done Once A Month

Facial is a multi-level skin rejuvenating procedure which includes steps like cleansing, exfoliating, extracting, massaging and masking. Facial is essential skincare routine for a glowing and rejuvenated skin. Both Men and Women love to do a Facial routine. There are various types of treatments and facial kits which an individual can prefer with their skin type or skin conditions or a skin therapy they are looking for. With a skincare regimen followed routinely you skin looks hydrated and ever-glowing. If you are looking out to find some fantastic benefits of a facial treatment you have come to the right place, let us discuss them.

Facial treatment benefits:

Deep cleansing:

Cleansing your skin deeply is the very first benefit from facial treatment. You will get a new skin free from dead cells, clogged pores, whiteheads and blackheads. The deep cleansing process helps to prevent future acne problems.


Facial massage and face mask helps in lifting the face muscles preventing age signs like fine lines and wrinkles.


Massaging the face with facial essential oils relaxes the muscles reducing any stress and tensions thus making you look refreshed and relaxed.

Even skin tone:

Following a regularized facial treatment schedule will remove any hyper-pigmented or tanned skin and gives you an even and brighter skin tone.

Rejuvenated skin:

As we age our blood circulation slows down, but doing a facial massage improves blood circulation and the face mask nourishes your skin which is essentially a rejuvenated skin.

Hydrated skin:

The essential oils, creams and masks used in facial treatment hydrates your skin keeping your face moisture every time.

Skin tightening:

Facial treatments improve the skin elasticity, tightening your skin and preventing it from ageing symptoms like wrinkles and fine lines.

What are the essential steps in facial treatment?

A good facial treatment should start with an examination of an individual skin types and associated concerns by aesthetician for a specific facial recommendation. However, the common and basic steps in a facial include:


To wipe out any dirt, grime and excess oil, a cleansing lotion can be used to clean your face as a first step of facial. This ensures that your skin is ready for the further process.


This is the second step in facial, to provide steam to your face. Steaming helps to relax the muscle and to soften up whiteheads and blackheads.


After steaming the softened blackheads, whiteheads and clogged pores are removed by applying some pressure to a specific area. A metal instrument is usually used in extraction. 


To brush out dead cells from your face a good scrub is used in this step.


Massaging would be a favorite step in facial as it relaxes you from stress, lift your face muscles and improves blood circulation. With fingers of trained aesthetician various strokes are applied to your face in circular motion just to give you a relaxation.

Face masks:

A mask will be finally applied to your face to add nutrients and to condition your skin.

Wrapping up:

Regular facials and skin check-ups will help you to get know what is going on in your skin. Get a facial because you deserve it! Pamper your skin and mind with a good facial treatment from Skin & Light in Melbourne.

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