The best 4k projectors don’t come cheaper, and you would look to keep your projector running as long as possible to get the most out of your investment. We have created a list of tips and tricks to maintain your projector better to enjoy watching as long as possible. Some of the tips could be extra precautionary measures, but they truly have a value to keep your projector functional.

General tips

Don’t allow any objects to enter into any opening of your projector. Don’t shake your projector and keep magnets away from your projector. Don’t place heavy objects on your projector.

Buy the right projector

Buy video projectors only from authorized dealers. Go for a laser projector with a long lasting light source which is about 25,000 hours just like XGIMI projectors. Get your projectors repaired only at authorized service centers.

Projector operation

Always keep the lens cap on the projector when not in use and power down your projector. Avoid frequent turning on and off. Never try to open the projector chassis except as specifically explained in the owner’s manual. Unusual sounds like loud clicking, buzzing, whirling or mechanical noises could be a sign of mechanical issue with the internal mechanisms. Operate your projector in “Eco”, “Economy” or “Low Power” mode to avoid more brightness. Never use the projector non-stop, turn it off at least one hour for every 24 hours.

Lamp replacing

Don’t replace the projector lamp with your bare hands. Before removing the projector lamp, ensure to power the projector off and leave it undisturbed at least 30 minutes to cool down. Don’t try to disassemble the lamp and use only Genuine OEM projector replacement lamps.

Projector mounting

Ensure the projector is mounted securely and the mount is rated to support the weight of the projector. Don’t operate the projector in a closed-in cabinet without proper ventilation and where it may be exposed to rain, water, or excessive humidity. Keep away A/V cables and power cables off the floor, where it can be tripped on or walked on.

Plug-in/Pug off

Power the projector down before unplugging it and wait for the cooling fan to stop completely before unplugging the projector. It is recommended not to use the projector if your power cord is damaged and get a replacement cord.

Cleaning the projector

Keep the air filters dust-free and replace it regularly without waiting for a warning message. Avoid using abrasive cloths or sponges, harsh liquid or aerosol cleaners, or solvents such as alcohol, paint thinners or benzine to clean the projectors. The battery of the remote should be replaced every two years to prevent battery fluid leakage.

Projector Safety

Never look into the projector directly when it’s on. In case of lamp breaking, ventilate the room in order to prevent the gasses being inhaled or get into the eyes and mouth. If you have inhaled the gas or if it comes in contact with your eyes or mouth, seek immediate medical assistance as it could be toxic. Hope these essential tips will keep your projector to run longer. To buy the best projectors visit our website.

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