Oxy Jet peel facial treatment: A complete guide

Searching out for a treatment to give you instant glow and young-looking skin? You are here at a right place where Skin & Light, offers a cutting-edge technology ensuring the regeneration and revitalization of your skin’s natural elasticity whatever your skin type may be – Oxy Jet Peel Facial. What is Oxy Jet Peel Facial? […]

Why HydraFacial is a most requested Skincare Treatment in Mount Waverley?

Chances are less if you haven’t heard of HydraFacial… And if you haven’t come across it, you would have probably seen in many Instagram stories about the magic it had made in user’s face. HydraFacial is a non-invasive skin treatment with a package of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration antioxidant protection to remove dead cells and […]

Face Lift: Facial Exercises That Make a Difference – Check It Now

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires a well-rounded physical fitness routine. Yet we often neglect to work out the muscles people see the most, our faces. Just like the rest of our body, there are about 57 muscles in the face and neck area, which requires regular exercise to stay fit & toned. In addition, regular […]

Manicures & Nail Art in 2022 – A Complete Guide for You

We use our hands every day, and they are one of the first things that others notice on us. A great set of nails can give you an extra boost of confidence throughout your day, and regular professional nail care will keep your nails looking great and healthy. Nail art and manicure are two aspects […]

Best Beauty Spa in Melbourne to Check Out in 2022

Most people believe massages are only a way to pamper themselves, but they are much more than a momentary feel-good experience. Treatments at a spa are a great way to maintain your physical, emotional, and mental health, especially when you incorporate them into your regular wellness routine. In the midst of endless work hours, house […]